The existing Parish facilities were dated, no longer fit for purpose, difficult to maintain with high running costs. This project replaces the existing with a new build solution on this very tight site, maximising the area and volume allowed by the Planning Authority to provide 2 new halls and a dedicated meeting room. The scheme also provides a double height foyer for people to congregate, where currently there is only an outside yard.

Working closely with the Parish team and the Diocesan Surveyor to develop the brief, this scheme will deliver all that the Parish require now and into the foreseeable future. It will serve many aspects of Parish life from the youth to the older members of the community, from teaching to entertainment, together with providing spaces for counselling, prayer groups and the various parish societies.



The images above illustrate the latest project undertaken for St. Teresa's Church in Morden, Surrey. Previous projects include the original Parish Hall and associated Car Park, upgrading of the Presbytery, Millennium Grotto and the Parish Office. The current parish facilities fall short of what this large multi-cultural community need, for both the parish functions and their outreach programme. 

The extended Parish Hall will provide a larger venue for a variety of activities, a dedicated Youth Zone, a much improved kitchen and servery, additional meeting rooms, library and office area for the Parish Groups. 

The Parish are currently completing their fundraising for this project with the aim of having the facility fully functional by 2016.